Elvin Siew Chun Wai takes a trip to Mumbai – The seat of Bollywood

Almost everyone has heard the name of megacity Mumbai. This city is also the seat of Bollywood. Elvin Siew Chun Wai has admitted that he frequently travels to Mumbai. It is said that this is the city of dreams. There are numerous people who come and settle in this megacity to pursue their dreams. In the last few years, the megacity of Mumbai has turned into a very big jungle of cement. Elvin Siew Chun Wai has said in his vlog that Mumbai is not just a city of dreams, it is a platform to launch a career. Numerous people have made their career in Bollywood. Many struggling artists have shaped their career.

Although Elvin Siew Chun Wai does not admire movies, he has seen many shootings and preparations of the movie. Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Many rich people reside in this megacity. There are many youngsters who come to this megacity with the hope of making their career. There are many thriving industries in Mumbai as well. Elvin has said in his vlog that there is too much economic disparity. On one hand, you can see billionaires who are traveling in exotc cars and living in palatial mansions and on the other hand, there are very poor people who do not find enough food.

Elvin Siew Chun Wai admitted that it was very relaxing for him to sit near the sea shore. You can see numerous people, new couples taking walks near the sea shores and on the beaches

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